Episode 346. Searching for a richer life with Richard Vobes.

Join me in today's podcast where I am joined by Richard Vobes aka The Bald explorer and we discuss his current thoughts about starting his own smallholding.

After reading several books Richard has begun a search for a healthier, more nutrient-rich lifestyle. In this podcast, we discuss how Richard has become concerned about where his food comes from and how we can start him on this path to self-sufficiency.

If you want to find out more about Richard and check out his collection of videos exploring the countryside then his website can be found at

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2 thoughts on “Episode 346. Searching for a richer life with Richard Vobes.

  • Andy Dalgleish

    Hi Richard and Richard. Thanks for the great podcast. Your carrot conversation brings back great memories for me. In the 1980’s my then girlfriend’s Dad had an allotment in Rottingdean. He grew pink fir apple potatoes and lots of stuff. We used to help him on a Sunday and have a swift one in Ye Olde Black Horse before taking the produce home, It was the first time I tasted proper carrots We had them out of the ground and cooked within two hours. I never knew carrots tasted that good. The carrots in the supermarkets look like carrots, but don’t taste anything like fresh ones and probably haven’t got the nutrients. Many thanks for your podcasts. Sincere regards: Andy Dalgleish

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