Episode 347. the Friday night veg gardening pub quiz

Its Friday which means its time for the Friday night veg gardening pub quiz. 10 questions that need answers.

Episode 347 Transcript

Hello and welcome to episode 347 of the veg grower podcast. My names Richard and I am on a mission to grow as much of my own food in my allotment and modern victory garden.

Today is Friday the 10th July 2020 and as its Friday its time for the Friday night veg gardening pub quiz. How it works I am going to ask 10 questions. These 10 questions need your answers of which you send to me by Thursday the 17th July 2020 8pm uk time. If you get all 10 answers correct your name goes into a hat. Out of that hat one winner will be chosen. Added to that throughout July if you send me your answers all correct answers earn points. At the end of July whoever has the most points will win a spade.

So with that out the way lets get on with the quiz

Quiz jingle

Question 1. When was the first episode of the veg grower podcast released.

Question 2. Where on the peanut plant can we find harvest peanuts from.

Question 3. Which of the following is not a winter crop cabbage parsnip leek pepper

Question 4. Who is the patron saint of gardeners

Question 5. What is pomology the study of?

Question 6. Ofton used in salads what has the botonacal name nasturtium officinale

Question 7. The spice vanilla is derived from what flower

Questions 8. Which family does clubroot affect the most

Question 9. What can be placed over rhubarb to make it longer and more delicate

Question 10. What county did Capability brown the famous landscape gardener originate from?

Good luck everyone with all those questions. Now lets find out the answers to last weeks questions.

Question 1. Why do we prune stone fruit trees in the summer. The answer is to avoid a devestating fungal desease known as silver leaf.

Question 2. An average how many weeks from planting do first potatoes take before being ready to be harvested. The answer is 10 to 12 weeks although some varities can be quicker.

Question 3. In shed building what does osb stand for? Oriented strand board

Question 4. Name 3 vegetables in the legume family? Broad bean, pea, peanut, french bean, green bean, runner bean list goes on.

Question 5. In order to get some seeds started early we might start them on some moist paper towel and place them somewhere warm. What do we call this method. Answer is chitting

Question 6. How old is the cubbington pear tree thought to be the oldest pear tree in the uk. Around 250 years old

Question 7. The egg an d chips plant is a dual cropping plant but what 2 crops will it produce aubergine and potato

Question 8. Which fictional superhero would gain thier superpower from eating a fruit from which this super hero got there super name from answer is bananaman

Question 9. What is latin for carrot ios carota

Question 10. how many lead presenters have presented gardeners world over the years. The answer is 9.

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