Episode 304. The dig for victory campaign. VE day special.

Join me in today's podcast where in view of the ve day memorial I look back to the dig for victory campaign from ww2. I also share the latest from the plots.


Today I have tackled the following tasks

  • weeding
  • watering
  • delivery of sweet potato slips

and much more on today's podcast.

The dig for victory campaign.

With the 75th ve day being celebrated tomorrow (if celebrated is the right word) I find myself reflecting on the huge effort people took to feed themselves during ww2. The dig for victory campaign is something I have always found fascinating. For me it just shows how we rely on food in our lifes yet we take it for grantide.

part of the campaign was to educate and this was done through various media including some little films shown in cinema. In today's podcast I have some audio from one of these films. We think that the advice is still relevant today.

Its only right to acknowledge the imperial war museum of which has this video in their archive and can be found here. I have used this audio under non commercial licence and would like to thank iwm for the use and for keeping this footage available for all.

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