Episode 108. Competition time.

Hi all. Apologies for this weeks episode being late but due to a bad headache I was unable to produce this weeks show on time and everything is behind.
This week I cover the usual diary aspects including
-More potatoes sown
-Signs of the first aspargus
-Concern over a rhubarb plant.

I then follow this with a little chat on how I grow my seedlings on. This is following on from a recent podcast and I go through my process for growing on my seedlings and getting them hardened off.

I then announce a competition in which you have an opportunity to win some packets of seeds. Instructions are in the podcast. Closing date for entrants is 3.4.2017.

The item of the week comes from sutton seeds and is a great offer they have on grafted vegetable plants and can be found here.

One thought on “Episode 108. Competition time.

  • Hi, Neil From Neil’s Garden here. My idea for future podcasts would be a ‘new gardener’ section going back to basics of growing (or the basics of whatever the topic for the week is).

    Keep up the great work with the podcast.

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