#445 Successional sowing and free mulches

Join Richard in this weeks veg grower podcast where this week he is sharing how he makes successional sowing and free mulches in his garden plans. Also the latest from the plots.

This week on the plot

This week being a bank holiday weekend Richard and his wife have created a larger area for the chickens by removing the failed meadow area. This took a lot of work as there was quiet a bit of plant matter to remove , but by doing so we get more compost material and the chickens get a better place to live.

Sunday Richard visited the allotment and has continued tidying up ready for the allotment party next weekend.

Bank holiday Monday and Richard and his wife have removed a lot of the privet bushes from the front garden in order to add some fruit bushes to the front garden, maximising productivity and growing more food.

Successional sowing and free mulches

This week Richard shares how sowing seeds, every few weeks of some crops, we are able to have a continuous supply of crops all years round. This is particularly good for salad leaves, carrots, radish and beetroot.

Richard also shares a few free mulches that he is keen to use. Mulches are a great way to reduce weeds and save water and is highly recommended.

Also shared are 2 mulches that are bought in for those that have no access to the free material and they are Strultch and easymulch.

If you have any tips om successional sowing and free mulches then please get in touch.

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