Episode 263. My garden project ideas

Join me in this weeks podcast where I share a my garden project ideas I plan to do in my garden over these next few weeks. I also share the latest from the plots.

The diary

In this weeks diary section I have carried out the following tasks

  • Added more quail to the collection
  • Obtained a new chicken house
  • Planted out my potatoes.

And much more. check out the podcast to find out more.

My garden project ideas

With the country now being confined to our homes its time to distract ourselves with projects. In this episode I share a few that I am doing in order that you might be inspired to do the same. My projects are

  • A modern victory garden
  • Tidy my sheds
  • Repair and strengthen shed roofs
  • Build some coldframes
  • Build some compost bins
  • Make some plant signs
  • Build some fun scarecrows.

If you have any projects that you would like to share then please get in touch.

Potatoes planted.

In the diary I mention I have planted out my potatoes. The varities planted are

  • Homeguard
  • Aaron pilot
  • International kidney
  • Pink fir apple
  • Linda
  • Highland burgandy
  • Maris piper
  • Sarpo mira
  • King Edward

What potatoes are you growing this year?

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