It's Wednesday which means its word of the week time. A weekly look at my understanding of a horticultural word. This week we are looking at the word dibber.


A dibber is a great gardening tool used for making holes. A stick or a pencil which is a good substitute for a small dibber. Larger dibbers made from larger material. Some of the best examples I have seen is using an old spade handle.

I use one that I made myself from a bit of sycamore I cut down in the garden and turned on a lathe. I also cut 1cm markers up this dibber to use as a gauge of how deep I was making the hole.

Using a dibber is simple. Plug the tip into compost or soil to make a small hole and pop the plant or seed into the hole. The depth of the hole would depend on what is being planted.

A small dibber can be bought from Amazon by clicking the image below.

A larger dibber can also be purchased from Amazon on the next image.


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