Episode 226. My trip to gardeners world live 2019 part 2.

Join me in another episode where I continue my trip around gardeners world live 2019. I also share the latest on the plots

The diary

In this weeks diary section I have tackled the following tasks.

  • More weeding. the recent weather has caused weeds to grow like mad.
  • Harvests coming in thick and fast
  • Work getting in the way of gardening

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Gardeners world live part 2.

This weeks podcast continues from last weeks podcast where I visited gardeners world live 2019. This week we head into the main hall and see what's happening inside.

As I went around I found a couple of stalls and speakers who have peaked my interest. this week they are

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What have you been up to in the garden this week? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

One thought on “Episode 226. My trip to gardeners world live 2019 part 2.

  • Glad I saved your podcast as like you lots of work &stress so knew I could save to enjoy later .very interesting interviews .I am really looking forward to learning more about life at no 27.cheers

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