Episode 207. Team pollinate and PAN UK

In this week's podcast I have Beth from team pollinate and the latest on her study. I also have a chat with a lady from PAN UK.

The diary

This week tasks in the allotment and vegetable patch include

  • Preparing for potatoes
  • potting on salad leaves
  • emptying a compost bin

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

Team pollinate and PAN UK

Last week I caught up with Beth from Team pollinate. About a year ago I went to an evening with this group of researchers which I spoke about in episode 145.

I thought it would be great to have a quick catch up see what has been learnt since our last chat. I've recorded this update and share it in this weeks podcast.

I also chatted to a young lady from PAN UK. Which is an organisation promoting safe and suitable alternatives to hazardous pesticides. I thought this tied in quiet nicely to our chat earlier.

Check it all out in this weeks episode.

What have you been up to in the garden this week? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

6 thoughts on “Episode 207. Team pollinate and PAN UK

  • Nev @ No Diggity Gardens

    Great episode i never get time to go to these types of exhibitions so it’s great to have some stall holders talk on the podcast bothTeam Polinate and PAN UK are great initiatives wish we had something similar in the midlands. Anyways always enjoy the show mate keep it up.

  • Thank you buddy. It is great to get these initiatives shared on a podcast. Creates some really great content.

  • Really enjoyed this podcast. Some great content as ever, thank you!

    Only one negative for me… I’m slightly puzzled why you mentioned the disappointing seed swap. It sounded poor, but without naming it, it doesn’t help anyone avoid it or help them to improve. Also, I know what you mean about charities and older people, but especially as an older person myself, I did feel a little put out. I’m not saying you shouldn’t criticise, just that I feel it’s better to keep criticism constructive.

    Thanks once again for a fantastic episode – I always especially enjoy the diary section, and this week was great.

  • Hi David and thank you for listening and commenting. I was hoping my rant would spark some debate.

    The reason I haven’t named the event is because I have not been able to contact the organisers to get there side of the event. I felt it would be a little bit unfair to name said organisation without getting them to reply. I am trying to contact them to put my criticising across so it can be improved.
    Sincere apologies for making you feel a little put out about the generation thing. For me it was an observation that younger generations are not engaging with this event which is very worrying. I’ve often said that the skills and experiences older generations have are being lost which worries me a lot. We need that knowledge and skill if we are all to improve.

    Thank you so much for listening and reaching out. It’s great to hear other point of views too.


  • Ivonne Smit (Discutafel)

    I intentionally logged into your website to compliment you on your honesty regarding the participants on the seed swap.
    Although I understand some listeners don’t want to hear the message or feel missing out, I think you were very decent in your remarks.

    Those event organisers who feel addressed to, can make out for themselves whether they appreciate the comments or not. If one creates expectations, he should meet them to satisfy the visitors and make the event succesful.

    A a listener (and fan of the show!) I’d rather listen to straightforward reviews than hearing that the event was ‘great’ or ‘awesome’, while this wasn’t the case in your opinion.

  • Thank you ivonne. I’ve always believed in being honest is important
    For me it’s also my opinion and we are entitled to our own opinion.

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