Episode 200 special with Lee Connelly

Join me in this 200th special episode where I am joined by good friend Lee Connelly as we wander around my garden.

The diary

This week's tasks in the garden have included

  • Tidying the garden
  • Building a new bed
  • Hoeing the allotment

200th episode.

This episode is my 200th episode of this podcast. It has been a journey for me and one that I thoroughly enjoy and will continue to produce.

To celebrate this milestone my friend Lee Connelly (aka the skinny jean gardener) joined me for a chat and walk around my garden. This was a voyage of discovery for both of us as we talk about both our gardening and podcasting experience.

Check out the chat in this episode.


I mention a few links in this podcast. This links can be found here.

I also talk about the 5 packs of seeds that 50p from each pack will be donated to life at no 27. They can be found on the following links

What have you been up to in the garden this week? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

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