Episode 192. Dealing with a weed notice

Join me in this week's vegetable gardening podcast where I'll be discussing how to deal with a weed notice and a little eBook from Thompson and Morgan I also have the latest on the allotments and vegetable patch.

The diary.

This week in the diary section I discuss the following subjects

  • Receiving a weed notice
  • weekly harvest report
  • Clearing the allotment

Just a little note. I am trying to alter the diary section a little and this week I have implemented a different style. I'm not overly happy with the audio quality but I like the premise. What do you think?

Free eBook

In this episode I also discuss a free eBook from the wonderful people over at Thompson and Morgan. The book is sharing a lot of tips from a wide collection of gardening blog writers including myself.

This book covers tips for beginners and experts and everything in between including how to look after your tools or soil. I highly recommend giving it a read and keeping a copy to hand. Witrh the dark nights drawing in it might just be a worth while book to read one evening.

To get your copy or find out more click here.

Dealing with a weed notice.

The inevitable has happened. I have received a weed notice on my allotment site. I'm not surprised neither am I worried however I do have to take action.

A weed notice is issued when the people who run the allotment site (could be the council or committee) feel there are to many weeds on an allotment plot. They issue it as a warning to get things sorted or the allotment could be taken away. This may sound scary but I see it more as a kick up the bum.

In this podcast I talk about what I have done to remedy this position that I find myself in and explain why I am not worried.

Have you ever received a weed notice? If so what did you do to tackle this situation? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

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