Episode 191. How I over winter broad beans.

Join me in this podcast where I discuss how I over winter broad beans. I also share the latest on the allotment and vegetable patch.

The diary.

In this weeks diary section I have tackled the following tasks

  • Sowed broad beans and peas. With a new experiment on peas
  • Tidying scruffy corner
  • My grandfathers greenhouse

And much more.

How I over winter broad beans.

In this weeks subject I discuss how I over winter broad beans. Broad beans are probably one of the easiest vegetables to grow. I also find that by growing over winter I not only get an earlier crop I also avoid blackfly.

Quiet simply I sow seeds 2 inches deep in root trainers of multipurpose compost. once the plants are 2 inches high I start hardening them off before planting out in the bed. Once established its simple care until harvesting time around May.

If you would like more reading check out the following links

Should you want to buy some broad bean seeds I Recommend the following

How do you grow broad beans? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

One thought on “Episode 191. How I over winter broad beans.

  • Overwintering broad beans involves planting them in late autumn, allowing the plants to establish before winter. Provide a protective layer of mulch to shield them from harsh conditions. In spring, they resume growth, offering an early harvest. This simple technique ensures a robust crop of broad beans with minimal effort.

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