Episode 186. Badgers are eating my veg

In this week's podcast a listener asks what can be done about a badger eating our veg. I also share the latest on the plots.

The diary

In this week's diary I talk about the following tasks

  • harvesting my niece's small pumpkin
  • my collection of flower pots
  • planting out some seedlings

and much more.


Personally I find badgers to be pretty awesome. These animals have a reputation for being aggressive of which they can be when provoked. But they are really a problem in the vegetable garden where they can eat our homegrown food.

I have had the problem of dealing with badgers in the past and I found the best method was to restrict their access to your plants. A fence or barrier of some kind is best. However there are other methods but non of these I have tried as the barrier method has been successful for me. You can hear me discuss this in this podcast.



Check out the podcast above.

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