Episode 177. Edible plants for shady gardens.

Join me in this week's podcast where I discuss edible plants for shady gardens. I also discuss the latest on the allotment and vegetable patch.

The diary.

Each week I like to share wat tasks I have carried out in the last week. This weeks tasks include

  • Weeding and watering
  • Moving the quail to unheated cage
  • Harvesting as shared in last nights weekly harvest report.

Plant's for shady garden's.

This last few days I have found myself thinking about edible plant's for shady gardens. What started me on this thought process was my friend the bald explorer has been asking about his garden which is very shady. I shared with him a few thought's of what would do well. This subject got my brain thinking more and more about what would do well.

I made a list of a few that I feel will do well. They are as follows

  • Mint
  • parsley
  • coriander
  • blackberries
  • currents
  • gooseberries
  • leafy greens
  • lettuce
  • spinach
  • sorrel
  • rhubarb
  • peas
  • beans
  • carrots
  • parsnips
  • beetroot
  • kale
  • broccoli

Resources for this show are

What do you grow in shady gardens? Let me know in the comments or Email me here.

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