Episode 157. Edible indoor plants.

Join me in episode 157 of the veg grower podcast where I discuss my edible indoor plants and the latest on the plots.

The diary.

In the diary, I cover the latest on the plots including

  • Caring for my hoe
  • Finding a common lizard on the allotment.
  • Building the bed on the allotment.

Listen to this episode to hear this and more.

Edible indoor plants.

Recently I have noticed a lot of coverage of indoor plants. Well, my attitude is if I am growing anything indoors it might as well be edible.

In this episode, I discuss what edible plants I have grown over the years, including a few more unusual plants. What are the benefits of growing edible indoor plants and why might we do this, is something I discuss in this episode.

Caring for indoor plants is no different to caring for outdoor plants but I give a general run through of how I care for my edible indoor plant collection.

To find out more please listen to this episode. Don't forget to leave any comments or suggestions below or Email me here.


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