Episode 124. Drying herbs

Join me on this episode as I discuss the latest on the allotment and vegetable patch. I also have a product review for the Philips lifelight home and then discuss drying herbs.

The diary.

This last week has mostly consisted of weeding and watering but jobs I have carried out and discuss are

  • Tidying the allotment shed
  • harvesting
  • raspberry beetle.

So to find out more listen to the show.

Product review Philips lifelight home.

Lately there has been a lot of chatter about this product but after a little research I was interested and brought a set on amazon. Unfortunately I can no longer find the set on amazon but I found the lantern which is as good and is here

I think this have become so popular that many places have sold out.


Drying herbs.

My main subject this week is the drying of herbs. Over many years I have been trying to perfect the drying of herbs and I share what I have learned and my mistakes in this weeks podcast. Now is the ideal time to preserve these wonderful additions to recipes and keep a supply throughout the winter and drying herbs is as easy as can be.


So please listen and enjoy and as always get in touch if you have anything to add.

Don't forget I am still running the 2017 photo competition. To find out details click on this link. The prize includes £20 worth of seeds as well as some elephant garlic seeds for you to grow over the next year. Also I love looking at photos of other people's plots or their fruit and vegetables.

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