Episode 341. The Friday night veg gardening pub quiz

Its time for this weeks Friday night veg gardening pub quiz. 10 questions that need answers.

Episode 341 transcript

Hello and welcome to episode 341 of the veg grower podcast its Friday the 26th June 2020 and as its Friday its time for the Friday night pub quiz. Usually I start these podcast’s with what the diary section where I fill you in with what I have been up to today. Well today all I have done is weeding which I don’t really have much to say on that so instead we are going to go straight into the Friday night pub quiz. How it work is I am going to ask 10 questions. These 10 questions needs your answers which you email me richard@theveggrowerpodcast.co.uk by Thursday 2nd July 2020 8pm UK time. If you get all 10 correct your name goes into a hat and out of that hat 1 winner will be chosen. Its as easy as that so lets get on with the quiz

Quiz jingle

Question 1. What job does a tromel serve

Question 2. What dark edible fruit can often be foraged in britains countryside or road verges.

Question 3. When was kew gardens founded

Question 4. What was the main benefit of the Victorian walled garden?

Question 5. The woolton pie is named after lord woolton. Who was this gentlemen?

Question 6. Who joins radio 2 to talk about his allotment and shares garden tips

Question 7. Which rhs shows have sadly been cancelled for 2021 at this time.

Question 8. how long will a apple tree live for

Question 9. How often should we replace our strawberry plants?

Question 10. gyo is short for what?

Here you this weeks questions so what about last weeks

Question 1. Some types of peas are called mangetout. What is the translation of mangetout?

Answer. French for eat all

Question 2. Pentland javellin and deire are types of what?

Answer. Potatoes

Question 3. Elephant garlic is a variant of what?

Answer. Leek

Question 4. A cloche can help protect plants from what?

Answer. Frost

Question 5. What can be Kos or Iceburg

Answer. Lettuce

Question 6. What vegetable is also known as ladies fingers

Answer. Okra

Question 7. What is considered Britains most romantic country garden?

Answer. Sissinghurst castle

Question 8. Which gardener was born in Walkden Lancashire and originally trained as an art teacher?

Answer. Carol Klein

Question 9. What vegetable is usually white and bumpy and is often made into a meal with a cheese sauce?

Answer. Cauliflower

Question 10.  Where does the herb plant rosemary originate from?

Answer. The Meditteranian.

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