Episode 142. Catch up with Steve from Steve’s seaside life.

Join us in episode 142 where we are joined with Steve from Steve's seaside life.

Steve from Steve's seaside life.

Steve is an allotmenteer who shares his experiences on his blog and Youtube channel.  Listeners may remember when we previously had Steve on the veg grower podcast. If you would like to listen again that episode can be found here.

Steve took early retirement and decided to take on an allotment after listening to the veg grower podcast. He started with 1 allotment and very quickly turned it around to produce food to feed 11 people.  Steve has since taken on 2 more plots.  He has expressed how he enjoys producing food, bartering with other allotmenteers and the social side of allotmenteering.

I have been impressed with what Steve manages to produce and how quickly he has turned around his plots. I was also very interested in 1 particular area that Steve covered, which is the financial side of things.

In this episode, we discuss this particular subject. Listeners may find that this is a great demonstration of how we can slash our food expenses.

Listen as Steve discusses how this year has performed for him.

Listeners may also find it interesting as we discuss our experiences, failures and successes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve for his time on this podcast.

If anyone else is interested in being interviewed to appear on an episode, please get in touch via our contact page.


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