Episode 140. Bonfires on the plots.

Join me in episode 140 of the veg grower podcast where I shall be talking about my bonfires on the plots.

The diary.

In the diary section, I discuss whats been happening on the plots including

  • Team pollinate and the survey. please check them out and help them here.
  • Sweet potato developments
  • disinfecting canes.

So to find out more please listen.

Bonfires on plots.

It's that time of the year where bonfires are pretty common, in fact, I would say this is the ideal time to burn as there is less chance to upset neighbours etc. However, in this episode, I share how I make a fire, how I make it safe and what I burn.

Recommended item.

I mention in the diary that I use a spray disinfectant. What I use can be found and brought on Amazon by clicking the image below. For me, I have found this to be a very good disinfectant to have in the potting shed for when needed. In a spray bottle, it's easy application and readily available with no messing about. I believe when something is easy to use we are more likely to use it. Check it out below.

As always if you have anything to add please get in touch.

This podcast runs for 18 minutes 51 seconds. It is recorded in Littlehampton, West Sussex in the united kingdom and based on my experiences on my vegetable plot and allotment. I like to share my experiences but I am also happy to share other gardeners experiences.  If you would like to appear in a podcast, get in touch and we shall sort out an interview time that is convenient for all. Interviews are held over Skype so no travelling involved. I like to hear from experienced gardeners and newbies as we all have our stories to share.

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