Episode 139. Winter greenhouse plans.

Join me in episode 139 from the veg grower podcast where I discuss the latest on the plots and my winter greenhouse plans.

The diary.

In the diary, I talk about whats been happening on the plots this last week including

  • surviving storm brian
  • cleaning the greenhouse
  • a book I've been reading which you can find on the image below

 Winter greenhouse plans.

The main topic for this week I have been looking at what I can grow in the greenhouse.

last year my 6 foot by 6-foot greenhouse was mostly used as a store for some tender plants and to get seedlings off to an early start. While all those jobs have been worthwhile and needed, it seems a shame to have an area that can grow food over the winter and not use it for that. So I have looked at what seedlings I have and what I can grow over the winter.

Hopefully, my plans will pay off and I will get a good amount of food supplied from here.

So please listen to find out more.

As always please leave any comments below or alternatively email me through our contact page.

The veg grower podcast is a weekly podcast created by Richard about growing my own food in my vegetable patch and allotment. Each week I share my tales and thoughts as we grow our own food.

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