Episode 132. Winter is coming.

Join me this week on episode 132 from the veg grower podcast as we discuss that winter is coming. Don't be disheartened there's still time.

The diary.

In this weeks diary section, I discuss the latest on the plots including

  • Preparing more pallets for beds
  • Harvesting sweetcorn
  • Building more beds.

and much more. to find out please listen.

Winter is coming.

Despite the phrase, this has nothing to do with game of thrones. This is about my thoughts on preparing for winter and getting all the necessary items together. At this time of year, many shops and garden centers have discounts on the products we find useful. It's worth buying things now while I can so as they are ready for when I need them.

Items I mention that I will be buying include the following. click on the images to buy from Amazon.

crop fleece to protect crops from the frost.





cloche tunnel to create a warmer environment





crop netting to protect crops from hungry birds.






So please listen to find out more. Don't forget to add any comments below.

There is also only a couple of weeks for the photo competition. To find out more please click here.


2 thoughts on “Episode 132. Winter is coming.

  • Hi Richard, I lost all the leaves on my gooseberries too, in my case it was saw fly caterpillars, it took two days and the caterpillars and leaves were gone!

  • Interesting. I haven’t seen any caterpillars on these plants but it’s certainly possible. I shall be e mailing you soon to sort out another interview if you’re interested.Thank you for listening.

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