Episode 131. Why buy bare-root plants.

Join me in this week's podcast. In episode 131 we discuss why buy bare-root plants.

The diary.

This week in the diary section we discuss

  • Clearing and tidying the garden
  • More blight
  • Preparing beds.

So please listen to find out more.

Why buy bare-root plants.

At this time of year, it's worth ordering a few bare-rooted plants to be planted. In this podcast, I discuss why I find this the best way to grow perennial plants.

For me, I find it's the most reliable and successful way to grow many plants. Some plants that I have struggled with in the past have been successful by planting them in the autumn. Find out why by listening to this podcast.

Find out why, what rare bare-root plants and the real benefits, by listening to this podcast.

Resources for this show

An interesting article about bare-root pants.

A great supply of fruit trees and bushes both bare-rooted or pot grown

So please listen and enjoy. Don't forget to add any comments or suggestions below.




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