Episode 129. What to do with courgette gluts.

Join me on episode 129 of the veg grower podcast titled what to do with courgette gluts.

The diary

Each week I discuss what I have done in the last week on the plots. This weeks covers

  • Weeding and harvesting
  • My visit to chilli fiesta at west dean gardens
  • Blight on the allotment.

So please listen to find out more.

What to do with courgette gluts.

By now courgettes are coming think and fast. Finding ways of using up courgettes can be a challenge. In this podcast I give a few ideas of what to do with courgettes to avoid getting bored with therm.

  • Ratatouille  is a great way of using up courgettes and many other vegetables from the garden. This recipe from Jamie Oliver is simple and easy.
  • Chilli cheesy courgette chips is an imaginative and healthy way to use courgettes in a chilli con carnie. This recipe from BBC good food is worth a look.
  • Courgette chocolate cake is another imaginative way to use up courgettes and this recipe from the happy foodie is easy.


Other notes.

In this episode I also discuss an e-mail I have received about potatoes. This has made me ask you all to let me know how your potatoes are doing this year. I particularly want to hear if you have grown one of my favourite varieties called homeguard. If you want to participate in this research I am doing then please contact me here.

I also mention a blog article from Jen reviews. Her article on how to start a garden makes an interesting read and can be found here.

So that's it for this podcast. As always please leave any comments or suggestions below. I am always happy to receive any questions.

This podcast runs for 19 minutes 32 seconds and is recorded in Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK.



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