Episode 127. Wildlife areas.

Join me on this weeks podcast as I discuss the latest developments on the plots and wildlife areas.

Latest happenings on the plot.

This weeks I discuss the latest development on the plots including

  • Some damage to certain plants/crops.
  • Tending to tomato plants
  • What I harvested this week.

Wildlife areas.

Wildlife plays a very important part in our environment but are rapidly being destroyed. If that's not enough to take action well what if I to;d you that by encouraging wildlife into our plots we can improve our crops with little more work from ourselves That sounds good doesn't it.

I got some advice from Blustardave at daves allotment on YouTube. Please show your appreciation by checking out his YouTube channel and subscribing if you like what you see. He also has a Facebook page should you want to see more.

Our nature area which has attracted a lot of interest from insects animals and other allotment holders.



The image to the left is the wildlife area we built on my old allotment. It's funny how while researching for this podcast I looked back on the photos I took and found this photo. I forgot how good it actually looked (well I think it looked good anyway). I think it also shows how simple it is to build a wildlife area.








Other resources for this show include

Check out the above links to find out more.

I mention some seedball mix for a meadow I plan on growing, these seeds can be found below

Then should you want to buy a bird house or bug hotel check out the next 2 links

I hope this podcast inspires you to start creating some wildlife areas, if you do start (or already have an area on the go) I would love to know how you got on with it. Let me know in the comments below.

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