Episode 116. How I shall be dealing with the forecasted drought.

This week on the veg grower podcast I talk about the latest happenings on the plot including
-Getting plants in the veg patch
-Potting on more plants
-Problems in the greenhouse

After that I discuss the main topic which is how I deal with drought.
The uk is predicted to have a drought this year due to low rainfall over the last few months as can be found on this link. As well as many other news outlets. So please listen for my plans on dealing with this.

resources for the show
Hosepipe ban website dedicated to information on hosepipe bans
RHS information on mulches
11 tips on dealing with a drought.

My item of the week is a waterbutt available from amazon here. Although I believe you can get waterbutts cheaper elsewhere I had to put this one up as it goes with todays subject.

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