#537 I took veg gardening onto radio 2

Join Richard in another productive week on the veg garden and the allotment. Richard was also invited onto BBC radio 2 to quiz DJ OJ about veg gardening. Listen to it all in this weeks veg grower podcast

Veg garden update: Compost flies.

From the home plot this week Richard is indoors potting up some of his seedlings that are growing well. However he has noticed that some of his multi purpose compost seems to contain compost flies, which is causing a few issues in his kitchen.

To tackle this Richard has decided to use coir compost as this shouldn't have any fly eggs in it, but as a second line of defence he has introduced a carnivorous plant into his set up.

Join the supporters club

In this supporters club this week we have been sowing celeriac and rhubarb. 2 long term vegetables that are well worth growing from seed.

The supporters club is set up to help keep this podcast running. For just £5 a month members get a collection of seeds sent to your door every month as well as extra behind the scenes podcast. To find out more and sign up click the button below

Richard Appears on Radio 2

Richard was invited onto radio 2 to take part in a feature known as "midnight mastermind". Richards specialist subject of course being vegetable gardening.

DJ OJ was the Dj and wanted to get all 3 questions correct but how did he do and how well will you do?

Listen to play along

Chef Scott's recipe of the week

This week Chef Scott has another fantastic recipe for you. A chicken and squash traybake which is easy to make and uses up some of those squashes that we all have in storage.

Give it a try and let us know what you think of this recipe.

Allotment update: Clearing more areas

Down on the allotment this week Richard has cleared an area in preparation for growing potatoes later on this year. These potatoes are to be saved for seed for the following year but also serves to help reduces the weeds in this tricky part of the allotment.

Richard has also started to move the shed to a new location, although the plan has changed on this.

And Finally

Each week Richard is setting a mission for everyone and this week he wants to know how you store gardening items in your shed?

Send your photos or email to Richard@theveggrowerpodcast.co.uk or via social media

We will be back again next time so until then please take care

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