Episode 372. Taking hardwood cuttings.

Join me in this podcast where I have taken some hardwood cutting of my herb plants and I discuss how I have learnt to be more successful with my cuttings. I also share the latest from my plots.

This week on the plots.

This week has been a struggle to get out and garden. Dark nights and wet weather hasn't helped but Saturday I managed a few hours on the allotment. More time weeding of course as is often the case on my plot but I also managed to complete an experiment of comparing peat based compost with non peat based compost. Results can be heard on the podcast as well as finding out what I did with the spent compost.

Sunday was a day at home and I managed to plant out my winter lettuce under some cloches that I inherited from my grandfather. I am looking forward to being able to harvest these lettuces. mainly because we often associate lettuces with being a summer crop but we can have salads all year round.

To find out more then please listen to the podcast.

Taking hardwood cuttings.

Something I am always keen to do is expand my plant collection, particularly my herbs. Taking cuttings has many advantages to expanding our collection. Its quick easy and very cheap.

In this week's podcast I discuss what I am taking cuttings of and how I am hoping to get these cuttings to propagate.

Product of the week.

On the run up to Christmas I thought it would be an idea to support some business by mentioning a product of the week. These are products that I have and use in my own garden.

This weeks product of the week is the itip rotating handles for wheelbarrows. This product fits easily onto any wheelbarrow very easily and make the use of a wheelbarrow a lot more comfortable. Its a gadget you don't realise you needed until you get one.

These handles cost £25 from their website, made in the UK and can handle 250kg so a worth while investment.

The video below is one I made showing these in action.

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