#526 Taking The Gardening Indoors

In this weeks podcast, storms and bad weather has prompted Richard to take the gardening indoors. Growing your own food all year round is tricky and with the ground being incredibly wet, we need to try different methods.

Veg garden update: Growing in the kitchen.

Due to the latest storm, it hasn't stopped raining all week. In preparation for the expected cold weather, Richard has moved his more delicate plants into the greenhouse for protection. In particular his peach tree, which also prevents peach leaf curl.

Unfortunately this doesn't leave much room in the greenhouse for growing food, so Richard has reinstalled his grow lights and heated propagator, taking the gardening indoors, to grow more herbs, microgreens and salad leaf's in his kitchen.

Join the supporters club

This week in the supporters club we have been sowing some lettuce seeds of which we will be growing successionally together.

The Veg Grower Podcast is a club set up to support this podcast. Each month member receive a collection of seeds that can be sown that very month, as well as extra behind the scenes podcast's sharing what's happening at the veg grower podcast hq. Click the button below to find out more.

Tool care of the week: Heated Propagator

This weeks its time to take care of our heated propagator. A good clean and check over to make sure they are good for another year.

A heated propagator is a great tool for starting seed by providing bottom heat.

Chef Scott's recipe of the week

This week Chef Scott has shared with us this fantastic Baked bean recipe. A great way to make some comforting meals from ingredients we have grown ourselves.

Allotment update: Growing in the greenhouse

We head to the allotment for an update and this week Richard is in grandads greenhouse for this weeks update.

Richard has harvested a bed of main crop potatoes of which the varieties are Maris piper and sarpo Mira. These potatoes have been growing since March although the foliage hasn't grown that well this year. These potatoes where then placed in grandads greenhouse to harden the skin before going into winter storage.

After that Richard shares a few seeds and plug plants he is growing inside the greenhouse for this winter, in order to make the most of the growing space.

And finally

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