#478 Grow your own xmas presents.

Join Richard in this weeks veg grower podcast where Richard is discussing a few xmas gift ideas that we could all make to combat the cost of living crisis. Richard also shares the latest from the plots.

Latest from the plots

This week Richard has tackled the following tasks

  • Tiding the greenhouse
  • Tiding the shed
  • Digging out a hawthorn bush

And much more on the podcast

Grow your own Xmas gifts

With the cost of living crisis bearing down on may of us this year Richard thought it would be an idea to share a few grow your own Xmas gifts. THis are Xmas gifts that every grow your owner could make and give away that cost very little money and include

  • Christmas wreaths
  • Seed gift boxes
  • Seed trays made from pallets
  • Plants grown from seed and cuttings.

If you have any other ideas then please share them in the comments

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