Weekly harvest report. Week 3 of 2021

As part of an ongoing analysis of what we save by growing our own throughout 2021. We will see on a weekly basis what we have harvested, how much that would cost if we bought from a shop and how much we have spent. So without much fuss lets get into this weeks figures

What have we harvested this week?

VegetableVarietyQuantityEconomy costPremium costHarvest date
PotatoesKing Edward500g40p82p16.1.2021
EggsChicken570p£1.25most days
HerbsVarious1£1£1As needed
This weeks harvest

Again a pretty good week considering we are in winter. Still getting plenty of fresh food. This weeks our totals are £3.42 of food if we are comparing it too economy foods or £5.07 of premium food cost.

This brings the total for the year to £10.41 of economy food price and £15.42 of premium cost food.,

But what have we spent this week

What have we spent this week?

What have we bought?How much did this cost?
Seed compost 4 bags£11.96
4 100litre bags of peat free multi purpose compost£39.96
This weeks spend

As you can probably already tell we have spent quiet a bit of money this week in stocking up our compost. I didn't want to get in the situation I found myself in last year of needing some compost and not being able to get any. This year I have stocked up in advance. I should add that the seed ompost was half price. I do love a bargain.

This week we have spent in total 51.92 and for the year so far £76.07.

One thought on “Weekly harvest report. Week 3 of 2021

  • I know what you mean about stocking up on compost as last year I nearly missed out as we went into lockdown.

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