Episode 380 Chatting to Richard from vegplotter

Join me in this weeks podcast where I chat to Richard creator of vegplotter.com. A online garden/allotment organiser and planner. We also have the latest from the plots.

This week on the plot

Over this last week I have now got my new shed set up with heated propagator, grow lights and lighting for me to see. All of which means I can spend a little more time in the shed in the evenings, sowing seeds or potting on plants. Fun times ahead.

Richard creator of vegplotter

in a recent podcast I mentioned how I had returned to using an online website to draw out and plan my plots,. Well Richard the creator reached out and we had a chat for the podcast of which you can hear.

Towards the end of the podcast you will hear me talk about how we created a plan while on my live show on Sundays. That video is below.

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