Weekly harvest report week 2 of 2021.

As part of an ongoing analysis of what we save by growing our own throughout 2021. We will see on a weekly basis what we have harvested, how much that would cost if we bought from a shop and how much we have spent. So without much fuss lets get into this weeks figures.

What have we harvested this week?

VegetableVarietyQuantityEconomy costPremium costHarvest date
PotatoSarpo mira800g40p85p9.1.2021
EggsChicken570p£1.50Most days
Jerusalem artichokesFassau500g£1.90£
Herbsmixed1£1£1as needed
Week 2 of 2021

Not a bad week I think but lets look at the totals. Altogether we have £4.79 worth of economy food or £7.35 worth of premium food. I certainly dont think thats too shabby.

This also brings the total so far for the tear so far at £6.99 worth of economy food or £10.35 of premium food.

Added to that we haven't spent any thing either this week

What have you harvested this week? Or what have you spent this week? Let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Weekly harvest report week 2 of 2021.

  • 15/01/2021 at 17:11

    Great shopping trip from the garden, that`s £4.75 more from your garden than I have done this week, but I do have Carrots and Beetroot to dig up tomorrow.

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