Update on project okra. Failed.

Well I'm sorry to say that this project has now failed for this year.
While the seeds germinated well and grew on well as seedlings once they were planted out they died. When they died it seemed like the base of the stem shrunk to nothing and then disappeared and the plant withered away. This also has happened to my melons and cucumbers.
After a bit of research I believe that these plants don't like there stems being wet as this leads them to rot away. Although I tried planting them several times rather than planting them all in one go they still all got wiped out and I've looked in many garden centres to buy some plants but none are for sale.
So as I always say there's always next year and I shall learn from this years experience, of which will mean I shall sow more seeds, I shall grow them on stronger before planting, I won't let the stems get wet by watering around the plant or into bottle watered and finally when planting out I shall plant them onto a mound.
So till next year no more okra.

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