Thoughts on my next vegetable plot.

As many of you know we are preparing to move house this year, our current house is due to go on the market next week and we are actively searching for our next house. Something high on my list of priorities when looking at houses is the garden.
So when looking at the garden I find myself thinking what I want which is basically an area to grow more veg and keep chickens with room for a couple of sheds and a greenhouse.
Well that seems simple enough doesn't it but then take into account orientation for decent sunlight which rules out North facing gardens and high fences or buildings to the south. Then consider neighbours and how they might react. Access to the garden is a consideration too I don't really want to be carrying bags of horse manure through the house.
Also what is currently growing in the land now because if nothing's growing now the soil is in poor condition and may need a lot of work to allow plants to grow. Also if the garden is well manicured and looking good it's going to be hard to rip out someone else's hard work where as if it's just lawn its a blank canvas.
Now I've thought about all these key point I can start looking at gardens with the view of how can I make this work for me then once I've worked that out we can consider that particular property as a potential purchase.
So what do you think about these thoughts or have you had experience yourself please share in the comments.

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