The Compost Challenge: Can We Make Enough? Exploring a Beautiful Vegetable Garden

Join Richard in this week's podcast as he embarks on an ambitious quest: to produce enough compost to meet the demands of his allotment year-round. Additionally, Richard visits the stunning West Dean Gardens, a remarkable vegetable garden near Chichester, West Sussex, and announces the winner of the Belfast Sink competition.

Allotment Update: The Compost Challenge

This week, Richard has been diligently spreading compost on his allotment beds, particularly around his potato plants. This task sparked a thought-provoking question: can he produce enough compost to have it readily available whenever he needs it?

Typically, compost is spread during the winter when beds are vacant. However, Richard aims to grow food all year round and needs compost at various times throughout the year. For instance, his garlic bed will soon be empty, and he plans to plant beans in its place. Before planting, he wants to enrich the soil with fresh compost.

In this episode, Richard explores various strategies to achieve continuous compost production. One practical tip he shares is using a compost thermometer to monitor the composting process. You can purchase a compost thermometer here.

Garden Tour: A Visit to West Dean Gardens

Richard loves exploring public gardens, especially those with vegetable plots. This week, he takes listeners on a virtual tour of the walled gardens at West Dean, near Chichester. Having visited these gardens regularly in the past, Richard reflects on the changes over the years and seeks inspiration for his own garden.

Vegetable Garden Update: Winner of the Belfast Sink Competition

The Belfast Sink competition has concluded, and the winner is Veronica, with her brilliant idea of creating an edible flower garden in the sink. Taking advantage of the bank holiday, Richard has transformed the sink into a vibrant garden, planting:

  • Marigolds
  • Nasturtiums
  • Dahlias
  • Cornflowers
  • Hibiscus
  • Pansies

What would you plant in an edible flower garden?

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