Project okra. The first step.

So in my last couple of podcast you may have heard me discuss my project on okra and as promised here's the write up.
Now each year I try to grow something I've never grown before and this year it's okra a seed pod that's nicknamed lady's fingers and used in many Indian, Caribbean and South American dishes such as gumbo.
My research on this plant suggest that it will need to grow somewhere hot and sunny so I shall have a plant and in the greenhouse where it should get plenty of heat. I shall also grow some outside in a sunny spot to see how this fairs in the south of England. My research also suggests that ground will need plenty of fertility thankfully I add hell of a lot of horse manure to my plots so this will not be a problem either. Apart from that it seems pretty easy to grow and look after but harvesting needs to be done quickly as if the pods are over a week old they can be hard and woody so picking them young will be advisable there.
I hope to sow the seeds in March in the propagator and plant out in May but I will keep you updated every step of the way.
So with the research and planning done I need to choose and order the seeds I need for this project so keep your eye out for the next update.

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