Project eat what I grow update. Soft fruits.

Well I thought I'll do an update to this project as I'm bringing in lots of soft fruits.
From plot 128b I'm getting raspberries every few days with many more plants yet to fruit. I'm also getting some gooseberries from the one bush that was growing there when I took the plot on.
From home I'm getting blueberries and strawberries a few every few days.
These fruits above are providing us with just enough for our daily use such as in smoothies and desserts or snacks however at the weekend I needed to make lots of strawberry jam so I needed to go to our local pick your own, and buy 2 kilos of strawberries in order to make enough jam. I will need many more strawberry plants to achieve this quantity if I'm to do this every year.
So how are your soft fruits doing leave your experiences below.

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