Privacy policy

As part of gdpr, I thought I should write up my privacy policy. After all, I do not want any hefty fines for my little blog.

Subscribe to blog

Currently, the subscribe to my blog is purely to send out email notifications when I post a new blog post. This email list is not used in any way for marketing. I have no intention of selling this list to anyone. Should that ever change (highly unlikely) I will make sure that everyone knows and can be deleted before being passed on?


Members of the veg grower podcast receive an email every time I post a new blog post. Also being a member gives access to extra content and forums. Again all this information is not for marketing.  I do not share this information with anyone and should that ever change members will be notified with the option to be removed.

Affiliate partners and advertising on the website.

Visitors to will have a cookie placed on their browser. This is for Adsense adverts and affiliate marketing. My affiliate marketing is very select and this is tracked for no more than 90 days. This is purely to track any purchases made via so I might earn some commission. I do not know who buys what I only know what has been sold and how much commission I make. This information is not shared or sold to anyone else.


Hopefully, that will cover everything but I will keep checking and updating as and when required.