Potatoes I’m growing in 2015

So this year I've decided to grow a few varieties of potatoes of which I've detailed below and I'm hoping to keep you updated throughout the year with how each variety is performing.
For this year I've decided to grow all my potatoes in bags as I feel this is easier to not get any volunteers next year however in previous years I have grown in both bags and ground but have never had a huge amount of difference in the crop although growing in bags does require more watering I find this is worth the sacrifice. The bags are about 35 litres and I've put six inches of compost into the bottom of theses bags. I will then place the seeds on top of this compost then top with another six inches of compost. As the plants grow I will keep topping up with compost and well-rotted horse manure which gives more potatoes and keeps the potatoes from going green. I'll keep watering and feeding with a comfrey feed as potatoes are very hungry plants.
So first on this list of potatoes is a popular potato known as international kidney. This variety of potato is the same variety as Jersey royals however as it's not grown in Jersey it cannot be called Jersey royal. It's a very waxy salad potato when grown as a second early but can become floury general purpose early main crop if left a little longer. I'll be planting these in mid March after they have chatted and would then expect to start harvesting once flowers appear around early July.
Next on the list is a variety known as home guard. Now as the name suggests this potato was popular during World War Two due to its consistency, high yields and good use. It's a first early and planted around the end of February can produce crops around the end of May. The potatoes are floury type good for boiling, baking, chipping and roasting. I've never grown these before so I am quiet looking forward to how these perform.
Next on my list is a variety I grow every year known as arron pilot. This is another early variety that I will be planting in early March and I would expect to harvest around early June. The potatoes produced are a waxy variety and are good for salads or new potatoes and I also have found them good for chipping.
My next variety is the famous king Edward. These main crop potatoes will be planted early April and harvesting do around september. It normally produces some large floury potatoes that are a good all-rounder for boiling, mashing, baking, chipping and roasting. With main crops I normally wait for the plants to die down before I harvest.
Next is another popular variety known as Maris piper the fish and chip shops choice. Another main crop that produces a very good potato with excellent storing abilities. I will be planting these around the end or March and expect to harvest September time once the plant has died down. However I tend to leave these in the solid until I need them so there's no sudden glut of potatoes. These floury potatoes are another good all-rounder good for boiling, mashing, baking, roasting and excellent chipping.
My last variety is a type I grow every year known as sarpo Mira. This is a main crop with a very high resistance to blight in fact I've never got blight on these disputes my allotment being riddled with blight. They will be planted mid March and I would expect to harvest September to October. The potato produced is floury and I find them almost dry too. These potatoes can be used for boiling, baking, chipping and roasting.
So that is the potatoes I'm growing this year I have them already and waiting to get planted and producing some wonderful staple crops.
Thanks for reading this article I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to comment below or at the forums on signing up to be a member is free and easy.

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