Photos from week 22 of 2017.

Normally my weekly photos are shared on a photo gallery, however this week I'm trying something a little different and creating a blog style photo page.

A young pear in the tree.

The first photo above shows a young pear growing on the tree. Hopefully this will grow into a decent size.

A bee on the comfrey.

The picture above shows a bee on the comfrey flower. I've taken lots of photos of bees on these plants over the last few weeks. Just shows how good these plants are for wildlife.

The weekly view across the plot.

Above is the weekly view across the allotment. I try to take a photo each week to show how much it changes each week.

Sweet pea flowers.

I don't generally grow ornamental flowers however these year I have some sweet peas growing down the allotment and these flowers look pretty good.

Onions starting to flop over.

These onion stems have dropped over indicating they are nearly ready for harvesting.

Garlic rust.

Unfortunately my garlic has caught a bad rust infection.

This week I have topped up the potato bags with manure. This is to improve yields.

A view from the top plot

Another allotment view. This time from the top half of the plot.

I always remember my late grandfather growing his beans in this style frame.

And finally a bed I have cleared ready for sweet potatoes.

So that's it for this week please leave any comments below.

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