Photos from week 26 of 2017.

A few photos from week 26 of 2017.

So below we have a collection of photos taken this last week on the plots. I have discussed many of the subjects in yesterday's podcast but join me as I take you on a guided tour of the last week.

Last weeks rain helped the weeds grow.

My first photo shows how the rain has helped the weeds really grow in the bed. The bed had a good weeding the week before but when I arrived they had all shot on growth. This is what it looked like before i weeded.

The rain has really helped the weeds grow.

My next photo shows how it looks after an hour of weeding. Thanks to the rain the ground was quiet soft allowing the weeds to be pulled out easily.

After an hours weeding

As you can see its a massive difference and the leeks, sweetcorn and french beans that are growing there have improved greatly thanks to the rain we had.


Planting out the sweet potatoes.

My next collection of photos is showing the planting out of sweet potatoes. My plan is to improve on last years yield of 3.5 kilos of sweet potatoes so over the last few weeks I have covered the soil in a thick layer of horse manure and then covered this in weed suppressing membrane.

Here is the bed prior to planting

The idea here is that the manure will hold onto moisture and the membrane will attract heat and make it warmer for the plant. I next cut slits in the membrane and planted through the membrane into the manure.

Sweet potatoes planted

I have also added canes to each plant for the plant to climb up, as I have researched that this makes a straighter tuber.

My sweet potatoes all planted out.

It was a hot sunny day which is why the photos are a little bright.


This week's harvests.

Finally this week's harvest's of which is always the result i want. after all whats the point in growing food if I don't take any food home.

My collection of harvest from week 26 of 2017


A nice lot of raspberry's
A few red currant's
A few black currants
A few more onions
A couple of french beans.
A nice lot of gooseberries.
My mushy peas variety maro. I believe to harvest when pods turn dry.
And finally some peas variety ruthless.


So that's it for this week. keep checking for more and don't forget to get in touch with some of your own.




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