Our friendly garden hedgehog

Our friendly garden hedgehog
Well I've been experimenting with Instagram as a way that of getting more photos and so when I saw this hedgehog in our garden I thought I'll share it with you. As a result this post was posted when I loaded the photo to Instagram so I thought I had better have a little chat.
I've known we've had hedgehogs in the garden before in fact the previous owners had asked us to look after them. This is the first time I have seen any sign of the hedgehogs this year but they are very welcome.
These little mammals are great wildlife that are in decline due to their habitat slowly become less available to them but these wonderful animals eat slugs and snails which make them a very welcome addition in the garden.
In order to look after these animals I like to leave a saucer of water out for them to get a drink from. I also like to leave some hedgehog food out for them of which is available at most garden centres or pet shops.another good thing to do is to leave a small gap under fences for them to gain access. I also like to leave some dead leaves for them to use as their bedding and allow them to nest under hedges or sheds. A quick search online and you can find plans for a hedgehog hotel you can make for these animals too.
So finally I ask that everyone try's to find a way to accommodate these animals it'll be worth it trust me.

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