News article. 10 a day. 

This week I have this article from the telegraph but has been over many news outlets. 

The premise of this article is eating 10 pieces of fruit or vegetables a day may improve health when compared to the previous advice of 5 pieces a day. 

I read other people's comments on this article and was amused by the difference in opposition opinion ranging from "well that's obvious" to "that's impossible". 

So what's my opinion on this, well firstly I think it's obvious it's healthier for us. Imagine fruit and vegetable and I would guess your probably imaging apples or peas, food in its natural state is what I'm getting at. Instantly with that image we are eating natural foods as nature created of which I believe can only be healthier for us. 

The argument that eating 10 portions a day is too much doesn't wash with me either. I would go as far as to say it's easy to do without too much effort. Spread out throughout the day and added to meals it's simple. 

I have a real taste for smoothies for breakfast where I take some fruit (normally berries) and blend it with some of my natural homemade yogurt. Now this alone could be 2 portions already. 

As a mid morning snack I could have an apple and again an apple is as much as 2 portions. Lunch is normally sandwichs of which contain salad, with a satsuma for after. 

A banana is normally eaten when first home from work and dinner normally contains several portions of vegetables such a cabbage or spinach etc. 

This is not an every day meal plan but a typical day, demonstrating that getting fruit and veg into my diet is easy. 

Being veg grower I may well take it for granted how easy it is to come by vegetables but that is also a true benignity of growing your own. 

So what do you think of this article, let me know in the comments. 

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