My shed fiasco.

Ok this post is going to be a bit of a rant I'm afraid, as I'm posting this I'm a little fed up.
So if you're a regular you would know I've been planning to put up a new shed in my garden this month and if you listen to the podcast you would also know that the shed arrived last week but was missing some parts.
Well I contacted the supplier who then said they would get the parts sent out tome. The delivery date for the parts was set for a week later and arrived yesterday but guess what still none of the screws and fixings pack and if you look at the picture you will see they have sent me two left-handed pieces when I need one for each side.
incorrect shed pieces
Well too say I'm frustrated is an understatement the customer care takes 24 hours too come back to and e mails about 4 o clock in the morning. As I need this shed built so I can clearly garage and build my greenhouse I find myself in a difficult predicament that I will be giving some thought but I certainly will not be recommending this company to anyone.
At the moment my thoughts is to go buy the screws needed and modify what I have. Then contact the company's owner and complain like buggery as I'm now running out of time to get this built.
So what do you all think and have you had troubles like this before.

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