How much I spent growing my own in December.

This post is part of a series of blog posts, where we shall be keeping track of how much I spend growing my own.

Allotment costs.

Its that time of the year where the council requires its rent for the allotment. My 2 plots cost me £68.00 for the next year. To be fair I think that's a pretty decent price considering that covers the water use as well as maintenance of the field and fencing.

Poultry costs.

Normally I have bought a pack of woodchips to use in bedding for the chickens and quail for a couple of quid. This month, however, I happened to come across a very large pack of woodchip which should last a few months. This pack cost me £6.30 but should make a saving throughout the year.


I bought some onion seed packs this month. Onion seeds always need to be fresh seeds so any left over from last year are no good. I bought a pack of Alisa crag and a pack of red baron. These will be sown over the coming weeks and planted down the allotment. These cost £4.28.

Total costs for December.

Allotment costs £68.00

Poultry costs £6.30

Seeds £4.28

Total £78.58

If you have anything to add please comment below. Do you have any ideas for saving more money growing your own?  let me know.

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