Happy new year

Happy new year everyone and let's hope for a fantastic growing year.
At this time if year I always like to reflect on the last year on the plots and think of the following things :
-what worked last year
-what didn't work last year
-what would I like to grow in the next growing year
-what lessons have been learnt
-what plans and projects do I want to achieve.
Now there are lots of things encompassed with the above thoughts and I will talk about them more on the next podcast but for now this is what I am currently thinking and making notes of as we enter the new year.
I have also made a New Years resolution to be more organised with and get more posts regularly but not just podcasts although they are the bulk I am going to be doing more written articles and videos as well as trying to publicise more but of course as always I would always love your input too so if you have anything you would like to share then please please don't hesitate to contact me any way you see fit.
So with the above in mind I'm going to start getting my thoughts and plans together and I wish you all the best in 2015.

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