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    Sergio Young

    The Occasional Margareader
    Food for Thought Served Buffett Style

    by Donald W. Davidson

    The Occasional Margareader – READ MORE

    • Language: english
    • Publisher: Peninsula Press
    • ISBN: 9781883684990 (1883684994)
    • Format: paperback, 402 pages
    • Release date: April 15, 2010
    • Author: Donald W. Davidson

    About The Book

    Long before Jimmy Buffett ever became a writer, or a performer, or even a strummer of three basic chords, the young Jimmy Buffett was raised as a reader. Buoyed by his mother’s own passion for that pastime, as well as his grandfather’s seafaring tales, the south coastal youngster quickly discovered that reading could take him to faraway places — both real and imagined — without his leaving the shade of a tree, the sway of a hammock, or even the shelter of his room. And these were the sort of adventures that any boy could take on his own, pretty much whenever he wanted. Sometimes a chapter, a page, or even a line might set his mind off upon some journey, a flight, or a voyage; years later, Jimmy’s own footsteps would lead him to those very same places where once his mind alone had wandered. The selections bound here in The Occasional Margareader represent a great many of those volumes that fueled Jimmy’s imagination and fill his personal bookshelves. They’re the writers and the writings that he’s mentioned in his stories, quoted in his liner notes, and alluded to down through the years in all those songs that you do know by heart. In short, they reflect Jimmy’s own tastes in reading, and here you can sample them, more or less, buffet style. Some of these works are meant to be nibbled; others are meant to be savored. And more than a few must be chewed quite slowly, before they can be taken all in. As with any buffet, of course, what you choose (and what you chew!) is altogether up to you, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Flip through this volume and read what you want. Then, if you wish, return for a second helping or more. This is, after all, what Jimmy Buffett would do. When all is read and done, you’ll surely recognize The Occasional Margareader for what it’s meant to be; namely, nothing less than food for thought.

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