Forum rules.

I am not one for rules however it is necessary that we are all on the same page when talking to each other.

  1. Please respect each other.
  2. bullying will not be tolerated. Neither will racist homophobic or any other negative language.
  3. Spamming is allowed provided the links are relevent to the topic in hand. If it is not related the post will be deleted.
  4. A difference of opinions will happen and that is fine. However, to force a difference of opinion will not be tolerated if it is handled in a derogatory manner. far better to add some constructive criticism.
  5. Admin and moderators decision is final.
  6. As this is a forum there may be advice from members of the public. The veg grower podcast accepts no responsibility for this and therefore you agree to take the risk yourself.

I believe this covers all the rules but please keep checking the rules as they may change in time.