Episode 403. A visit to a community garden project.

Join Richard in this weeks podcast where he has taken a visit to a community garden project in Crawley. He also shares the latest from his allotment and vegetable garden.

The diary

This week Richard has harvested his onions and shallots from his allotment. It hasn't been a great year for onions and shallots but the results are ok.

In the home plot Richard has bought some rather sorry looking plants for a bargain price and is hoping to reinvigorate them with a bit of love.

A visit to a community garden project

Sunday Richard visited a community garden in Crawley. Run by Crawley community garden in co operation with Crawley Community Youth Service.

Richard has always had an interest in community gardening, seeing it as another tool to help more people feed themselves and share knowledge and experience. This visit did not disappoint Richard and was rather impressed with the potatoes and brassicas growing away on the plot.

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