Episode 397. Tour of Lisa’s garden.

Join me in this weeks podcast where we take a tour of Lisa's garden. Lisa is an gardening instagrammer, with a desire to get people gardening. I also have the latest from my plots.

The diary

This week we have sown some okra and runner beans but now seed sowing is slowing down we can concentrate on getting plants potted up and hardened off.

I took Friday off from work and spent the day on the allotment, clearing weeds, strimming and tidying. A whole day on the allotment felt great.

At home I have been constructing some fencing to protect my veg plants from my chickens, I have also been working on the Christmas dinner bed with more seeds being sown.

What have you been doing in your allotment or veg patch?

Tour of Lisa's garden.

Lisa very kindly invited me up to tour her garden this week, something I do enjoy doing is having a good nose around other peoples gardens. I was blown away with just how Lisa's garden looked and the size, I was very jealous.

Lisa is a gardening instagrammer who got into gardening due to lockdown but has made some serious changes to her garden. Her background in interior design has a lot to do with her design.

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